Dean Forrester had the ultimate life. He had money, he had women, he never paid taxes and most of his days were spent playing golf and drinking for free. He was prepared to live out the rest of his days like this - until one phone call from home ruined it all.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Feeling Chummy

I'm waiting on a build here at work, so I should be trying to tack on a couple hundred words to Bull's part of the story, but I can't quite muster it - so I thought I'd blabber about Chummy.

Chummy is a fictional tv show in Greenscape. The idea to satirize sitcoms came from the idea that Dean is leaving his bubble and encountering real culture for the first time. Remember, even though this is third person - it's written with Dean's clear bias. Think of it as a Fox news program. But since I didn't want to just write about Dean's reactions to Chummy, it's supposed to look specifically bizarre, shallow, and yet strangely alluring. That last part is probably not achieved yet, although most of the characters are enamored with it - but I'm not sure the reader can see why. It's hard to inject sitcom humor into dramatic humor, especially when you are trying to write as fast as you can.

For reference, Chummy is one part Ab Fab, one part Seinfeld and one part Fresh Prince. It's about a guy from England, that everyone calls Chummy, coming to America to try help out the dysfunctional family of his now dead comrade. Remember, it's a comedy.


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